1. “We are we toddit” … had to say that out loud twice before it sank in. Makes me we toddit, too, don’t it.

  2. Behind door number two (!) we have a lackwit, dimwit, half wit, shitwit, twitwit, retardwit, mugger, buggerer, cattle felcher, pedophile, brain damaged cretinous pervert, oozing pus bag, communist, trantaloid, suboid, and slime mold.

    But enough about Joe Biden.

    The rest are undistinguishable colony insects that breed in human waste.

  3. The real question, for me, is who runs and what happens to the country after 2024? The current bag of shitbird Democraps is unelectable IMHO, but I’ve been wrong before, as in 2008 and 2012.

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