People Are Saying Joe Biden Is Done? We Sure Hope Not.

He’s our favorite dipshit. The grist for our mill. The fodder for our cattles and soap for our saddles. Just imagine how much harder our work here will become without Old Uncle Josepherv to point and laugh at. We hope he doesn’t blow it. Not yet.

face lift


  1. I’m wondering what the gaf count will be in another year. So far, I think he’s up to 10. Instead of “Creepy Joe” He should be Joe “Gaf” Biden.

  2. Geeezus, that explains why Blumenthal has that exact stupid look as well. This is a big friggin’ deal!

  3. First time I seen a rictus sardonicus on the face of a still-living person. Wait … maybe Ol’ Joe is not really still living, AI technology being what it is today.

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