We All Laughed But That Kid Sniffery Stuff Really Works

Happy Father’s Day everyone. Brought you some Joe.

before and after joes

Meanwhile, Joe says he’ll cure cancer but only if we make him President first. Disregard the people who will suffer and die in the interim, Joe. You have to play your cards right.

joe cure

The big trouble for Joe as he face-fingers a lesbo who he thinks is a cross-dressing tranny. In fairness, it does get confusing if you care enough to try and keep up with the permutations. We don’t.

joe face fingers a lebesian


  1. Joe is gonna look 100X worse than Kerry did after all the Botox they’re gonna give him. I can’t wait.

  2. Joker or Cat face? Depends on how they stretch, resect and suture the face near the front of his ears. I’m thinking Joker since it fits his brain damage diarrhea-of-the-mouth containment problem.

    I plan on ignoring the 2020 election cycle. No news. No cartoons. Just foxholes, sandbags, food, liquor and stank ho’s. And guns, lots and lots of ammo. Did I mention booze?

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