A Living Laboratory Of Leftist Government – Formerly Known As The Golden State – Here’s California!

We are honored to be linked over at the Boss’s Site.

Most of you probably already know Diogenes but for those who don’t, her Good Monday Morning posts almost always feature fresh, warm biscuits.

And we do love them biscuits.


Oregon and Washington are also being studied but California leads all states in terms of checking all the progressoy/leftyx/socialoser/retardosaurus boxes.  No other state or territory does more to serve and protect _______ who prefer having sex with ________.

Unless they’re looking for a place to live that has plumbing.


cali pride



  1. That pigeon better fly outta there before someone eats it … or drops some human fecal matter on its little feathered head.

  2. Only a liberal would consider retroactive social development as being ‘Progress’.

    Witness the degradation of what was the ‘Golden State’: California.

    It was once considered the bread basket of the nation and is now a national disgrace.

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