AOC: If We Just Paid Our Reps More They Wouldn’t Have To Cheat For Money To Survive

So simple. Hand over bigger paychecks and the well-satisfied public servants will close all those illicit “loopholes” right up and waltz right past those insider trading tips and all that easy money.  She’s That’s a genius.



  1. Wait! Wait! Wait! This is coming from a Democrat-Socialist politician! And since when does AOC and company need an incentive not to steal? Kinda sounds like she thinks she just may be in league with crooks and thieves. Very intuitive! Sounds like more FREE money for her. Isn’t that capitalist?

  2. She needs a double-header. 1. An ego crushing defeat at her re-election. 2. An ego crushing defeat trying to primary Chuckles Schumer or Kirstin Jillinghand

    1. WDS… A “double-header”? MAN… you’ve “cornered the market” on getting FreeWillie Clinton’s attention!

  3. The hypocrisy would be truly amusing, if this pathetic mental midget was not so close to the nation’s control panel.

    1. The liberals think she’s a “brain trust”, but what I SAID is she should wear a “brain TRUSS”!

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