1. OMG Earl you’ve done it again seeing the truth before the MSN has a chance to spin the facts.
    They remind me of a cat trying to bury it on a marble floor.

    1. Many thanks, Pete. People come here for the Truth and we constantly strive to get at least somewhere close to it. And we will always hold firmly to that standard. Thanks again for noticing.

  2. Are those Skittles, pills or mixed veggies in that steaming pile of liberalism, I can’t tell but I think the pile belongs to #4, look how happy she is…

    1. Corn carrots and peas. Core components of the vegan diet. Analysis shows that out of over 100K samples tested, only 3% contained meat proteins (and a good part of that figure is semen.)

  3. I hope that pedestrian doesn’t slip under the oncoming trolley. Where’s OSHA?

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