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The Many Triggerings Of Sandy Ocasio Cortez (SOC)

“Colonial vegetables from indigenous peoples, oh my God!”

“Donde esta Yucca??”

colonial vegetables

“Maybe I’m doing this wrong…”

“Nah…just needs more cowbell!”


“How dare you put these children into dreadful, shameful Concentration Camps! And how dare you try to make them more “comfortable”, just to cover your cruel, heartless and uncaring intentions!!”

“Thank goodness, the innocent children know nothing of the dangers they face. We distract them with our antics, as though we were funny clowns. They laugh heartily.”


“Question:  Why doesn’t Amazon, etc open a new factory in this town, so the homeless people can all be given jobs? That sounds like a win-win from the place where I imagine outcomes.”

“Ow! My head hurts so bad. Why do I have to think of everything around here??”

us homeless

His Time Is Up

joe rally

I Can’t Tell One From The Other

dem debate 2020

2 Options – Choose One


Meet The Clownish Junior Jihadi Who Shot Down A US Drone By Mistake


Ilhan Omar Is Correct! They ARE Camps And People ARE Being Concentrated!!

We went direct to the factory to prove it. In a compassionate and humane effort to efficiently deport millions of illegal immigrants back to their Shit Holes of origin, ICE officials developed a method to rapidly condense and package the living essence of dozens of individuals into a single, 8 oz bottle. Light weight makes it cheap to transport and the simple process of rehydration* brings everyone back, as good as new.

*Surprise twist: For an authentic Mexican-Style Fiesta, re-hydrate with tequila in place of water or urine.



Yep They’re Pretty Well Concentrated When They Get Here


I Have To Post The Joe Stuff Before He Bows Out


People Are Saying Joe Biden Is Done? We Sure Hope Not.

He’s our favorite dipshit. The grist for our mill. The fodder for our cattles and soap for our saddles. Just imagine how much harder our work here will become without Old Uncle Josepherv to point and laugh at. We hope he doesn’t blow it. Not yet.

face lift

Now It’s His Turn, Nervous Nan


A Living Laboratory Of Leftist Government – Formerly Known As The Golden State – Here’s California!

We are honored to be linked over at the Boss’s Site.

Most of you probably already know Diogenes but for those who don’t, her Good Monday Morning posts almost always feature fresh, warm biscuits.

And we do love them biscuits.


Oregon and Washington are also being studied but California leads all states in terms of checking all the progressoy/leftyx/socialoser/retardosaurus boxes.  No other state or territory does more to serve and protect _______ who prefer having sex with ________.

Unless they’re looking for a place to live that has plumbing.


cali pride


We All Laughed But That Kid Sniffery Stuff Really Works

Happy Father’s Day everyone. Brought you some Joe.

before and after joes

Meanwhile, Joe says he’ll cure cancer but only if we make him President first. Disregard the people who will suffer and die in the interim, Joe. You have to play your cards right.

joe cure

The big trouble for Joe as he face-fingers a lesbo who he thinks is a cross-dressing tranny. In fairness, it does get confusing if you care enough to try and keep up with the permutations. We don’t.

joe face fingers a lebesian