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A Living Laboratory Of Leftist Government – Formerly Known As The Golden State – Here’s California!

Oregon and Washington are also being studied but California leads all states in terms of checking all the progressoy/leftyx/socialoser/retardosaurus boxes.  No other state or territory does more to serve and protect _______ who prefer having sex with ________.

Unless they’re looking for a place to live that has plumbing.


cali pride


We All Laughed But That Kid Sniffery Stuff Really Works

Happy Father’s Day everyone. Brought you some Joe.

before and after joes

Meanwhile, Joe says he’ll cure cancer but only if we make him President first. Disregard the people who will suffer and die in the interim, Joe. You have to play your cards right.

joe cure

The big trouble for Joe as he face-fingers a lesbo who he thinks is a cross-dressing tranny. In fairness, it does get confusing if you care enough to try and keep up with the permutations. We don’t.

joe face fingers a lebesian

AOC: If We Just Paid Our Reps More They Wouldn’t Have To Cheat For Money To Survive

So simple. Hand over bigger paychecks and the well-satisfied public servants will close all those illicit “loopholes” right up and waltz right past those insider trading tips and all that easy money.  She’s That’s a genius.


In The Shop For Months – She’s Almost Street Ready

Almost good as new. Just waiting on the arms. They shipped from Israel and are hung up in customs because “arms shipment” is apparently a big problem. So she’ll be a while yet, sorry.


The Birth Of A Brand New Class Of Victim

Actually it’s just a new depth of depravity from Anus International, Inc. They’re now “identifying” as helpless babies. Some are Transblendered and at a loss to explain how an infant could ponder the reality of its sex. No matter, they will probably get their own Affirmation Month soon.



Pick Your Favorite Dem-O-Clown Contest

Enter as often as you like! Be sure to use the clown names listed below, to ensure your choice gets the vote. Submit your answers Here. Good Luck!

clown bus

Ilhan Translates To “Smells Of Fish”


The Man Requires Contact, Dammit


Coming Soon: Our New Califecatia Reality Series

Hope everyone watches.


This Is So Very Satisfying

(Thanks to Diogenes Middle Finger for the link!)

One of these things is not like the others…


General America

cap america

Not Even A Fair Fight – Poor Joe

I’m sure they’ve paid him well, to endure the ass poundings to come.  Or maybe he really is that stupid.