This Is A Real Thing

I honestly didn’t get this…but then I thought maybe she’s been invited to set her up for arrest in front of the people who may have helped her cheat. Or the ones who helped catch her. Either way my dream comes true. Here’s hoping.

cyber security


  1. Heh, would love to see her arrested on live TV. Better have the EMT’s standing by…

  2. I double checked the calendar to make sure it was really June 1st, not April 1st. What are these people thinking! Maybe she is going to make a speech on how NOT to secure your server.

  3. Breakout group discussions on what kind of cloth is best for wiping servers … is a ball peen or claw hammer better to destroy hard drives … clever places to hide SIM cards … and the highlight of this conference will be tests of competing brands of adult diapers.

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