1. Not to worry. Bill and Hillary will scribble out a speech, sell tickets to those penguins, and raise enough cash to buy a ride out on the next Russky submarine that passes by. Nothing, nothing, I tell you, stops those two … nothing short of an Arkancide accident, that is.

    1. Good point. There is nowhere safe to put them – they’re a threat anywhere they go. We’ll launch them into orbit and they’ll incinerate on reentry. Fool proof?

  2. In addition to the traditional reward for serious crimes (murder, rape, treason) in the forms of hanging, rifle volleys, guillotining, the rack, I’d like to see some other old favorites revived, such as exile, banishment, and tongue removal.

    I’m also a fan of caning, whipping, pillorying, and staking on fire-ant hills for seditionists, obstructionists, embezzlers, and especially identity thieves.

    Border jumpers? Sterilization, preferably with instruments unsuited to the task, such as claw hammers, Louisville Sluggers, belt sanders, and fireplace tongs.

  3. Looking at this topic using the Clinton’s style of reasoning, poses these serious questions? Who will push who to their death “first” and for how much money$$$$. Oh I really think my toss of the hat goes too….Hill…..ah? ….f*#king c~~t yah her. Like early Egypt the Royals killed each other for power. History has repeated itself yet again. Viva “TRUMP” !!!

  4. Man are you cruel. Even exiling a notorious scumbag like William Jefferson on the same ice flow alone with Hillary is cold man. Cold! ;)

  5. No one will get “left on the ice”. No one will face trial. Maybe some junior flunky will spend six months at club fed. But the rest is pure fantasy.

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