1. He’s gonna be right popular at the middle east peace talks.

    I guess they’ll have to take turns being First Lady.

  2. Between Clinton’s peccadilloes, Barry parking his feet on it, and soon-to-be President and First Lady Butt-geeg-geeg and hubbie doing their thing on it, that desk in the Oval Office has sure seen it’s share of abuse in recent years.

  3. That’s not a sight for 5:30 on the morning you’re having a colonoscopy.

  4. People don’t seem to realize that the anus and feces are the premier objects in a homosexual’s life. If it weren’t for the asshole, homosexuals would have no primary orifice to obsess over. Sodomy is a process where feces is slammed into the capillaries of the rectal mucosa and introduces all the elements of turds directly into the bloodstream. THAT is why homosexuals have such a high statistical rate of Hep-C, and I have a doctor friend who says that every time a homosexual was diagnosed with AIDs, he would leave the office and go directly to a “bathhouse” to have unprotected sex with as many “partners” as he could, (the average number of sex partners a homosexual man will have in his lifetime is 271).

    1. And folks wonder why sodomy was illegal, back in the day when our legal system existed to protect the people and not the freaks.

      1. I don’t think it should be illegal. But I view it primarily as I would any sexual fetish – I don’t want to see it in public and I damn sure don’t want a President with those kinds of hang-ups and neuroses running the government.

  5. Welcome to the White House Mr. Presidicksuck and Mrs. Buttifelcher.

    Lord Jesus save us from this nightmare of HONK.

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