1. If she was capable of taking charge of her own body, she wouldn’t need me to pay for her reproductive mulligan.

  2. There was an old line from George Carlin that went something like this:

    “Why is it that the women screaming loudest about abortion are the one’s nobody
    would screw in the first place?”

    Case in point:

  3. Will this sex strike apply to lesbians and muslims who fuck goats. Will the goats strike? What about wankers … with they abate their wanking? So many issue around this.

  4. Sex Strike?
    How the Hell is anybody in Hollywood gonna try out for a part now???

    1. They may have to rely on actual talent…..hahahahahah! Who am I kidding,they’ll have to get real jobs.

  5. “ON STRIKE! Until My Demands Are Met, I Will Not Dance Naked For Any Woman Age 18-28 And That’s Final! Good Day Madam!

    Well, heck! I’ll do it then.

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