Clinton Speaking Tour Cuts Admission To Under $2.00 – Price Includes One Trip At Deluxe Buffet – Still No Takers

I wouldn’t go if they paid me. I couldn’t. Because I think it’s rude to barf all over other people, that’s why.  Yes, I probably care too much, especially when it concerns progerssives. It’s my struggle. Plus they often barf back in response.



  1. Next your going to see a carnival barker out front (Cue the calliope music)

    Step right up Folks and see the bearded lady and her Philandering husband……

    Only 25 cents…..see the shrew of Chappaqua!!!!!!!! Able to bite the head of of any mate…..

    Step right up!!!! Don’t be afraid…..there is a sturdy cage keeping her away from the crowd…..

    1. Considering Hillary’s reluctance to mingle with The Great Unwashed during her campaign, that oughta read “… to keep the crowd away from her.” (What crowd??)

  2. It’s comforting to see their second tour going down faster than Lewinsky and knowing that Huma has to attend to Hillary and her drool soaked pillow and full Depends every morning.

  3. Maybe Billary oughta award one of their hired bimbos for a one night boink to a lucky rally attendee. That might raise, oh, seventy five cents towards expenses.

  4. I would rather visit a broken sewage plant, it would smell better and I would be in better company with decaying shit.

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