And Now…Sunday Night Joes

joe pool

joe face

momo joe

Please note the photo at left below is not altered in any way. Joe literally and actually took a pacifier from a baby’s mouth and put it into his own.

In fact, he puts a lot of other people’s things into his mouth, mostly in a clownish fashion intended to put people at ease. Other times just a genuine display of comfort and caring.

joe mouth

joe mouth2
Always Warm And Welcoming



pound foolish



  1. You sir are on a role and as one of your minions I can’t thank you enough😉

  2. That one shot, with “Biteme” at lamont’s waistline, is how I saw the vice-presidunce every time he appeared with the poseur-in-thief! What a blight on our White House to have them at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Must have sounded like a turbocharger test facility around the graves of our Founding Fathers!

  3. Products of EOT’s mind or were these images the result of intoxicants? Whatever, keep ’em coming. +1000

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