1. Sorry Cousin but this is a nationwide problem and the public must be made aware or we’ll see even more crater head kids due to more hairy horndogs’ brutal assaults too close to forecast birth dates. Even worse, imagine the effects on an unborn child presenting via breech birth! That there is just plain filthy, Bro.

      1. Hey, don’t forget FAS, crack, HPV, Herpes, syph, clap, and other STDs as in-utero contributors to intellectual diversity and social vibrancy. It ain’t all just damage from cranial/meatal impacts.

    2. Somewhat illustrative to my point about breech birth, I saw posted somewhere recently an observation I’ll share with you here:

      If you were born feet first (aka breech) you were, even if for just a very short moment, wearing your mom as a hat.

  1. Something sure as hell left Mister Cummings in a state of constant dimwittedness. Every time he steps up to a microphone he proves it. Sad, really, that the US Congress has become a refuge for young mental midgets and old folks suffering from Alzheimer’s.

  2. Blacknar the Belgian Congolese tribal chieftan of monkey-eating Ebolanauts that arrived in flying pyramids when dey wuz kangz. Your fifteen thousand years of fame are up sir. 1965 is calling and it’s a loogie-flinging German Shepherd named Sam telling you to Kill Whitey, Kill Whitey, K-E-E-L Whiteh!

  3. Utterly depraved you are.
    I too would have expected more dick divots – his head should look like golf ball.

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