1. I imagine that if Mitt was Prez now he would’ve folded and resigned after firing his cabinet, having the VP arrested and handing it all to the Democrats. Gutless hack.

    1. He’s Deep State up to his chin. Being a Senator, he has access to all we know and lots more concerning the bullshit of the past 2 years, yet he attacks our POTUS right out of the gate. Swamp scum, verified.

  2. Maybe “Glove” can campaign for the position of “god” of the planet near the star Kolob. He and his favorite wife can rule there, and he can call the devil of that planet “Trump” instead of satan!

  3. I’m a Utah resident.
    There are times when I can tolerate Mittens (barely), when he’s not talking.
    There are times when I hate him (extremely), when he opens his pie hole.
    Need I say that I did not vote for him?


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