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There’s An Audience For This?


And Now…Sunday Night Joes

joe pool

joe face

momo joe

Please note the photo at left below is not altered in any way. Joe literally and actually took a pacifier from a baby’s mouth and put it into his own.

In fact, he puts a lot of other people’s things into his mouth, mostly in a clownish fashion intended to put people at ease. Other times just a genuine display of comfort and caring.

joe mouth

joe mouth2

Always Warm And Welcoming



pound foolish


First A Little Schitt

bunny schitt

Checks A Lot Of Boxes: Biden Names Transgender Homeless Teen Prostitute As His VP

joe running mate

Elijah Cummings Claims Incessant Blows To The Head Left Him A Witless Imbecile – Before He Was Even Born!


No More Glass And Steel

de blasio town

What TIME Is It?!


Just Another Sore Loser

Ol’ Milquetoast wags his Granny finger at our favorite President. Obama probably spied on him too, but not a peep from Mittens.  STFU Willard.


He Dared To Defend Himself!

I can’t wait for POTUS to declassify all the docs behind this crap he’s had to endure, (along with all the good and decent people who support him), from the dogshit democrats who fostered and fed it. They are not good people, at all.

witch hunt


Joe Biden’s Bold New Play Covers A Lot Of Identity-Voter Bases

If he also gets the skin tinted, Game Over.


There Will Not Be A President BootyGiggles. Write That Down.

I forbid it. So there.




Just My Suspicion