Science Corner

The graphic below represents solid, undisputed and settled Science. It must not be disregarded by those who operate in close proximity to any Democrat Member of Congress, as their very minds could be at stake. This phenomena was observed at a recent event in Austin Texas, (as documented by this awesomely qualified source.)  Total loss of human intelligence was difficult to discern as it was held in Austin where there’s not much to start with. Except when the Legislature’s in session, in which case there’s even less. It would have been much, much worse if it happened someplace normal. Beware!

This fulfills our public service obligation for 2019. Thanks for looking at it.

black hole


  1. Did they really both vanish into the nearest convenient parallel dimension? Say it’s true, Earl!

  2. SheJack and AOC . Powerhouse of the DNC – Better watch-out Beto .

    How in the hell did these pukes ever get elected. . . .Nevermind. . .

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