1. Oh she will put something long and black in her mouth, as long as it’s from her biological brother-husband.

    cough cough incest cough cough

  2. This piece of Jew-hating lying terrorist shit is so God awful she makes Ocasio-Cortez look cute and cuddly by comparison. I wish Netanyahu would fire a cruise missile right up her slimy Nazi Muslim ass.

  3. At first I thought it was a photo of lamont insane obama with Reggie Love slightly off camera, nudge, nudge… wink wink.

  4. Every time I hear the word’Somali’ I can’t help but remember that stinking pig they made a cop who promptly butchered a woman from Australia who was talking to his partner…just because he felt like it. Murdered an innocent woman and charges were never brought. Islam is a filthy religion based on intolerance and violence.

  5. Zyclon B Ilhan Omar
    Zyclon B Rashida Harbi Tlaib
    The Topf & Söhne sisters of the House of representatives

    Democrats Sharia compliant~ Nay Sharia subservient !

  6. Oh, she’s a smoker, all right…….a “pole” smoker. And a “skin flute” player. Multi talented, she is.

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