Get Rid Of The Cows? That’s Just Insane – Here’s A More Sensible Solution

Keep it simple, I always say. The only downside to this technique is your down market dairy products (your butters, your cheeses, your ice creams, your etc) might taste a little more grassy. The rumors about exploding cows are 100% false but there have been reports of injuries caused by ballistic corks including one woman who lost a whole eye.


also great for



  1. It’s greener to shove Occluded Cortex up a cows butt. Better yet shove the entire DNCCCP up a cow’s butt and save the planet.

  2. I’d rather have bovine anal bloviating than hear one more inane comment by Assandra Occipital -Kotex!

  3. Hey Earl, gotta one of those corks for Kameltoe? Preferably one NOT shaped like Willies willie?

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