1. I had the (un)common sense to NOT watch the DildoCrats response last night. I wanted to sleep without nightmares.

    1. comradewhoopie,

      There are compensations. Anybody with a lick-a-sense knows The Gap makes for further watermelon-seed spitting.

      I hope we all learned something here… and are better people for it.

      She doesn’t look homosexual. I think her whole relationship thing was taken out of context.

      On the grander scale of the important issues of the du jour day, I look forward to mz Abrahams weighing-in on the despicable ‘drapery-as-wardrobe’ prejudice by The Privileged Classes. That needs to end.

      My audio is on the Fritz. Does The Champ talk like that all the time?

      I ask because I care.

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