1. I think this racist charge from forty years ago is fake news. Northam is keeping fetal stem cells flowing for aging demons in One Revolution https://ourrevolution.com, a.k.a. the funding conduit for Occluded Cortex, Bernout, Sakadiarrhea, Bleato, Chinky Castro, Hilzebub Isatai’i (Billy Dixon, where are you!) the entire city of Hollywood, etc.

    Soulless communists demand the baby spice must flow. But no one must know. So off to the RACISM! we go.

  2. OK. So I clicked on “ourrevolution” and have just now made my way back to my chair. Tumbled to the floor in a paroxysm of laughter as I read that these leftards plan to “reclaim our country for working men and women”. I guess they have not noticed the record employment levels, rising wages, and fewer (citizen) food stamp recipients that are now in effect since their Magic Negro left office. Our Orange POTUS is the first to actually walk the working man’s economic walk, following the sixteen destructive years of Bushie and O’Bammy. The abject stupidity of “progressives” would really be hilarious, if only they did not vote their lying ignoramuses into office.


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