Celebrity Canadian Orangutan Annoints Alexandriarreah Oral-Complex As New Leader Of The Democratic Party And We Wholeheartedly Concur!

She’s perfect for the Party today. She checks all the boxes that make Soy Bombs (like Mike) moist – so let’s change the rules so she can be President Sparkle Bubbles.

Oh yes, PLEASE let her run.



  1. Oh,by means please let her run for president!!!!! Pretty Please!!!!!!!

    It is getting too easy to make fun of AOC. Every time she opens her mouth more comedy gold spills out. The proverbial gift that keeps on giving for Conservatives!!!!

  2. Mike must be trying to weasel his way into making a movie about the beloved Bronxette. Either that or she’s got gift cards for the Cracker Barrel buffet.

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