This Isn’t Separating Children From Their Mothers Because Shut Up


It made me ill to work on the next one – but we have to see what they”ll tolerate simply because it falls under the scope of a woman’s “right to choose” to murder her own offspring for reasons of convenience and birth control. Look at how it works – at 20 weeks gestation. It is horrible and barbaric.

Then they sell the parts. They butcher babies and make millions. And label me a misogynist for saying I despise every aspect of it. As though I oppose any woman’s right to do whatever she pleases, I don’t. Everyone is going to do what they think they have to do, legal or not. I just wish they wouldn’t do this.

And I’d like to tar and feather the ones who take the opportunity to make money from this ghastly ‘industry’. For starters.

Rant over, sorry.

fetus pieces copy


  1. Do you allow others to post memes here? I have a grim reaper with the governors faces in them.

  2. In the interest of accuracy, those Reeces Fetus Pieces should be a tad darker in color. And the package should carry the Margaret Sanger Seal of Genocidal Approval.

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