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Bill Maher’s Nose Resembles A Penis

You kind of have to see it at the proper angle and lighting – we’ve enhanced this photo slightly to help.


That Time You Tried Socialism


The Horriblest Headwear Ever That Scares People Shitless – (No, Not Normal People)

Only people who are completely full of shit.


A Little Early But We Must Raise Awareness On This Horrible Malady


I’m Sure Glad I Never Bought One


Mission Accomplished


Number Two

rodent 2

We’re Back At It

Howdy all.

Had to abandon the trusty old version of Pshop and upgrade the studio. But we’re operational again. The newfangled software has us a little off-kilter but we’ll figure it out.

Thanks for waiting. More to come.


Pequeño Pollo

Well everything is setup, we have a different laptop for uploads and running the site and a completely separate system for creative stuff. Only remaining issue – aside from getting used to the keyboard on this bitch – is getting the drivers installed for the graphics tablet and that is not going well. Of course. Been that kind of day. The Struggle is real.

chica little

More Technical Issues

My system crapped out last night. Lost all my current art files which sucks ass. I’ll make more. Got a new pooter and we’re getting everything set up and squared away – will be back soon!


It’s A Congenital Condition That Typically Afflicts The Collectivist Left


I Knew It – She’s A Smoker

Could you get elected to whatever passes for Congress in Somalia, Ingrate? Piss off, Nefertiti.