1. Swine Farm Woman

    Working on a pig farm
    Trying to raise some hard love
    Getting out my pitch fork
    Poking your hay

    Scratching in your swine house
    Sniffing at your feedbag
    Slipping it in your back door
    Leaving my spray

    Swine farm woman
    I’m gonna mow you down
    Swine farm woman
    I’ll rake and hoe you down

  2. Does it come with an industrial sized drum of Astroglide too since she has been known to give birth to little Willieturds?

  3. Yes, yes, that’s it. It’s a tough call between Harris, Abrams, and Occasional-Cortex for the face of the Democrat Party. Perhaps a collage is in order?

    1. Harris is the true face of the party; Abrams and Occasional Cortex are merely shock troops.

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