We’re Pitching This Remake Movie

FYI – That’s our fave funny gal Kathy Griffin we (type)cast to play the Wicked Whiff of the Left. Heavy makeup provides the perfect disguise (which explains why you’re not already blind) so you’d never know it was her until later in the film when she does her “lifts her robe to show her underpants” routine and you hear some people in the front rows starting to gag and then you realize it’s her right before you pass out.

And if anyone knows a producer with billions of dollars to spare, please loop them in – thanks!

wicked whiff



  1. If I splash water on that Wicked Witch, does she dissolve? Would that also work on her evil twin sister Nancy Pelousy?

  2. I’ve seen the routine where that nauseous pig Griffin drops her pants at her unfunny comedy shows. Man, she’s just so thrashingly repulsive, and it has nothing to do with her Nazi political views. Big, fat, freckled, pasty white, doughy, flubbery thighs that just make you want to vomit, and an ass that looks like it’s made out of vanilla Jello. Never seen anything like it. I’m amazed that Kathy really thinks she’s hot. I’ve seen better bodies falling out of The Hindenburg.

    1. No celebs look as good without them but she is a real testament to the magic of hair, makeup and lighting. Those folks are wizards – facially, anyway. They can’t do a thing about her saggy, flappy, soggy, raw chicken skin ass, not when she improvs and flashes off the cuff. They need weeks to prep for that shit.

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