We’re Down

Hi folks

Technical difficulties are preventing access to my MS account – login no longer accepts my password and I think I’m in a fatal loop. I can’t get into my computer. May have to get a new system altogether.

Sucks but we’ll be back soon.




  1. Good luck. I was wondering what happened since there are so many opportunities for you right now with all the liberal lunacy

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  2. Good luck, Earl. And ya better make it quick…if you can’t get all those twisted thoughts outta yer head and photoshop the shit outta them…and in a hurry…there’s no telling what kinda brain damage may occur.

    Aside from the 70’s brain damage. But you seem to have learned to be functional with that.

  3. Confidence is high that the enemy queefed your Taint Central computer. That means you are officially in the war.


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