1. Trying for a spot on the rez as that OPM gravy runs out.

    Little Running Poontang.

  2. Fauxcahontas mimics Jean-Jacques Kerry here. Remember his campaign visit to an outdoors store somewhere in the New England hinterlands, and his on-mike question: “Is there where I can git me a huntin’ license?” As soon as the cameras were turned off, JJK rushed back to his 40′ deluxe motor coach and sat down to a lunch of arugula, croissants and brie, washed down by a choice pinot grigio, chilled to precisely 4 degrees celsius (Kerry always uses a French metric thermometer, y’understand).

  3. Hey, Earl… I heard that if Fauxcahontas smoked crack, she would be better friends with magilla obama, since she OBVIOUSLY has an endless supply (given the size of her caboose), and her favorite cartoon character is Wile E. Peyote! We KNOW you know everything… can you confirm or deny… inquiring minds… and all that.

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