I Don’t Have One Of These Outfits In My Closet

Thanks to MJA/IOTW and also plus too my friend Lisa @ The Way I See Things for the Linkenings.


Sorry, I’ve been trying to work up some terrific new posts I’m sure you’ll all enjoy but I got off in the weeds internet-wise and encountered what passes for modern men’s non-binary beings fashion (haute couture des cinglés non binaires; locos no binarios) and it depresses me profoundly and also very deeply and thoroughly.

The following are the actual ensembles presented in the past few years (they’ve no doubt only gotten more woke by now) by a major worldwide prestigious and expensive as hell design house. (The ad is from a local retailer trying to break into the SJW-LGBTQ market.)

What a world.

styles for thems


  1. Every Them should have a bowtie and painted, ass gerbil. Just in case the right otherthem makes an offer in a piss-soaked alleyway.

      1. Is Richard Gere designing clothes? Because these fruitcakes are stuffing that monkey up their asses.

        They even make Habitrail® bong mazes so the lazy fuckers can smoke weed out of each other’s ass while gerbiling.

  2. Any time I leave my rural mountain deplorable hideaway and travel into metro Atlanta, I see critters such as you portray. Clustered at Starbucks counters in the grocery store, going thumby thumby on their phones, occasionally looking up to sneer at the humans around them. The nominally female ones look just about the same as the nominally male ones, only a bit sluttier. Puke, sez I.

  3. And the tiny monkey must be thinking ” I should have heeded the gerbil’s warnings.”

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