Dyslexia Ocrazio-Tardez Needs Some Me Time

She’s come so far so fast. Time to chill. Pull back, relax and reflect on all that she’s accomplished – but also to formulate and fine tune the plans for her eventual Coronation as Most High Justice Queen President of All That Is.

So she must get focused, find her center, strengthen her core and build the stamina to hold firm against the fierce winds of ignorant climate denial and the hurricane-force bourgeoisie reactionary attacks.


And it wouldn’t hurt to add a few pounds for ballast.



  1. One day after Christmas and I’m already looking for the eye bleach. A petite Hyphens Eleven is bad enough, but a jumbotron-sized model in a bikini? HELP ME.

    1. Some of us actually PREFER a “woman of substance”, I’ll have you know. Some of us enjoy cuddling up with a smooth and nicely padded body. I sort of wonder about guys who prefer their women built like a nine-year-old. But different strokes, eh?

      1. There is a rather large selection of shapes and sizes that fall somewhere between the 9 yr old boy and the Mama Sugar extremes. That’s the ocean I swim in. Well, swam. Now I just stroll the beach.

  2. At least two years of non-stop bolshevik hijinks. That reminds me I need to order that ceramic SAPI plate for my body armor.

    ERPO this commies:

  3. Earl,

    All these posts (recently?) are JUST so unseemly…. But, please don’t stop! Heh-heh. ;-)

    Hoping the best to you and yours, Earl, in the New Year. Well, there might not be ‘yours’ but still, who know?

  4. Putting Occasional Cortex’ face on an otherwise cute plumper’s body is just plain MEAN! Ruining a sweet round body like that with Occasional Cortex’ repulsive, moronic face is just WRONG! It’s WRONG, I tell you! WRONG!!

  5. Earl hope you are well, I miss your posts. big time. Your images are so great and do well on my site. Be well, Happy New Year, God Bless

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