1. A washed up arthritic hippie who sounds like Pee Wee Herman after a bottle of Manishevitz.

    1. Lee: That’s the best description ever of Neeeeel Young’s squeaky little “manly” voice!

  2. We got to meet him a billion years ago when he was touring with CSNY. My older sister swooned. I thought he came off as a rude, self centered ass, and he smelled bad.

  3. Some of the guys from The Grateful Dead formed a band called Old And In The Way. Young was not a member, but he sure as shit shoulda been.

  4. He be sanging about how miserable things are until they finally toe tag him and we get bombarded by the 24/7 hand puppets of what a great artist we have lost. Meanwhlie, you can find his albums in the 3 buck sale bin, cheaper that skeets for target shooting.

  5. Disappointed in Neil. He made some great albums, but, like a lot of older musicians, now that he has our money and his career is winding down, he’s going to shit all over us with his angry elitist San Franciscoid political views. Neil believes that climate change is real. I mean, you can’t really respect someone who actually believes that 0.04% CO2 in the atmosphere is going to destroy a 5 billion year-old planet.

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