1. re:
    Ad content

    [as I understand it, the platform owner == Earl == has no input on adverts]

    Dear Mister Taint,
    This was illustrative:
    Among your ‘comments’ section, one advertisement is for Kohl’s department store.

    During the Kohl’s ad, each primary frame shows happy thin athletic well-dressed nicely-coiffed Other Colors in successful family units. Their clothing is clean and bright and new.

    The final frame is a Caucasian (Californian?) wimp skinny-pants goofball. No tribe. No mate. No offspring. Frozen / glazed expression of dismay with no idea how he got there. Smudges on face and knees.

    Now, nobody is calling bias, but… jeez!

  2. It appears Piglosi’s new auto expanding buttplug is holding her insect juices in but I think she’s due for a molting.

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