Estampida de las Gorditas

They walked across half a continent and nobody lost any weight. That’s some battle-hardened BMI, right there. In an organized assault, the immense combined mass of converted sugars will completely overwhelm our troops, smash through our border and penetrate deep into our country.

Unless they have to run.



  1. I met a guy years ago who rode his bicycle from Pennsylvania on his way to the west coast. By the time he got to Colorado he had lost 30 or 40 pounds. There’s no way these “taco grandes” have walked 2,400 miles and remained as fat-assed as they have. Has Jorge Soros provided them with daily Ben and Jerry’s “resist” shakes? Have they been eating consuming mass quantities of circus-tent sized tortillas on the journey? Sounds like a huge pile of “vaca caca” to me!

  2. They hide pregnancies under that blubber, swim the Rio Sewage-o and drop anchor in the good old USA. This country is progfucked, hard!

  3. Soros has been spoiling them with extra sour cream on their burritos, from the lips to the hips as they say. That last 125 lbs after triplets is tough to shed too so they say.

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