New Parade Floaters

I don’t know how many of you watched but I caught a couple of new balloons that reminded me of just how thankful I truly am to not be a Democrat.

First up, a brand new creation depicting former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stroking out and being tossed like a 200lb bag of soggy quinoa into her Scooby Van, on 9-11-2016. This one should make anybody feel better.

macy's 2018

Michael Avenatti is one of the top five favorite cartoon characters in the country now. So there’s a new balloon with his likeness, created to honor the Holiday. It’s called “Make Me A Turkey Sandwich, Bitch!”



  1. parade???? what parade??? all I saw on t.v. was a bunch of talking eads, interrupted every few minutes by a 1/4 hour of commercials. if there was a parade, it was in the background, and barely seen.
    the first network, pay-per-view cable company, or live streaming video outfit that offers parade coverage without babbling talking heads and limited commercials, is going to get very very rich.
    I want to see the floats, balloons, and marching bands, not assorted “celebrities” hyping their latest works, and would be willing to pay a reasonable fee to get that service.

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