1. The master of imaging, photoshop and time, thanks going into the article I just wrote about her.

  2. ISmiles everyone, smiles! Boss what is her fantasy? Ah Tattoo hers is one shared by many. To pass into a new life free of pain and the ravages of age. No longer plagued by narcolepsy, forgetfulness and back cramps. To be free and young again Tattoo. But will she reach for the cure in time? What choice will she make, that is her struggle as our guest on New Monia Island.

  3. Q: When will Congress take up the issue of mandatory retirement for judges who are obviously senile? A: Never, because of the number of Congresspeople who themselves are obviously senile.

  4. According to Breitbart, Alyssa Milano offered RBG some ribs, lung, kidney and her husband on Thursdays. Where the hell was she when Juan McCain needed a frontal lobe? Oops, she must have already donated that to a Zombie, (y’know… those thing they use at hockey rinks).

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