1. “Suuuuuure. You can “get it right” on my place, for the right rent. No freebies.”
    (ain’t private property rights great?)

  2. “Nah. How about I buy your oversized hog from ya, for a mutually agreed price. What am I gonna do with it? Butcher it for pork, ribs, bacon, head cheese, pigs feet, chops, lard, whatever. I figure I can make a fair profit off’n this bloated walking carcass.”

    (which is what should be done with 95% of all gubberment agencies and bureaucracies. put ’em in the private sector and cut ’em down to size and STILL run ’em profitably.)

  3. Vermont has the fewest blacks and hispanics of any state in the country followed closely by NH. They prefer that you get to enjoyable of the cultural vibrancy that diversity brings.

    1. Vermont was once a classic New England state and very conservative. Then in the mid 80’s the city folk started buying property for second homes and for investment and importing their liberal attitudes. As a result the locals became the minority. Ben and Jerry are from Brooklyn and used the rural ‘Vermont’ spin to sell their overpriced ice cream. I have not been in Vermont since about 2003 and I have no intentions of returning.

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