1. Yes, definitely grab yourself a bucket…….. of eye- and brain-bleach. GAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! MAYBE TWO BUCKETS!!!!!!!!

  2. I do believe the results are in…

    Republican Women are better looking smarter and of course are a “class act”

    Hands Down 👸👸👸

  3. Is it right to have Robert Redford in the bottom picture (upper right corner)? Granted, he is a Leftard. But I don’t recall hearing anything out of his pie hole lately (unlike Rosie O and Oprah W — BTW, why don’t you have Oprah in the bottom pic? Racisssss?).Have I missed something?

    1. He’s an old Lib that nobody should want to see naked, that’s all. Could’ve been Letterman, Ed Asner, etc. And thanks for making me think of even more elderly people naked, friend.

  4. Rosie’s belly button looks more like a gaping butthole with a tick hanging on just north of it.

  5. Earl, you really took one for the troops with this post. How you could bear looking at your PC screen for the time it took to make those images … you must have one helluva strong constitution.

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