They Require A Minimum Daily Amount Of Starches

Now it makes some sense. There are no reports of starvation, yet. But if these women don’t get some potatoes soon, they won’t have enough calories stored to make it through the winter. Their clothes won’t fit and thousands will perish from exposure due to the lack of insulation. And we’ll have to clean up the mess.


If you feel sorry for them, you can donate a potato (or more!) with this accredited charity:




    1. What? They’re smuggling blubber? I thought they’d be smuggling other, more profitable things in between all those epidural folds. (what border agent would want to open and check THOSE? only in a Cat 4 fully self contained HazMat suit)

  1. Poor folks in the USA often assume whalesque dimensions thanks to diets high in potato chips, beer, sugary dry cereal, ramen soups, 99-cents-a-pound hot dogs, Krispy Kremes, and tons of white bread. BUT those items are not available in Honduras! So just how did these “refugees” grow so yuuge? Is Michael Moore sharing his snack stash with them?

  2. Ummmmm…….no. Any messes made outside our border are someone else’s to clean up.

    I still think that the military should have live fire exercises at the US/Mexico border……..facing south

  3. It is rumored Marlon Brando had a basket of potatoes and a microwave on each side of his bed. Depending on which way gravity was pulling on his stomach, he could roll in either direction, heat the potato and stuff the whole thing in his mouth. Brando was also a “method actor” who never memorized lines but read off of cue cards.

    Imagine Brando playing a bloated welfare migrant reading his asylum speech from a cue card, then squatting an eight-pound deuce on the pavement that turns into an anchor baby.

    That’s where we are.

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