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Same Thing Every Little Collectivist Wants


I’d Be OK With A Proportional Response


What’s In That Head?


One Reason To Avoid Moose Country


Estampida de las Gorditas

They walked across half a continent and nobody lost any weight. That’s some battle-hardened BMI, right there. In an organized assault, the immense combined mass of converted sugars will completely overwhelm our troops, smash through our border and penetrate deep into our country.

Unless they have to run.


Brutal Conditions Back Home Force Refugees To Seek A Better Life In Your House


New Parade Floaters

I don’t know how many of you watched but I caught a couple of new balloons that reminded me of just how thankful I truly am to not be a Democrat.

First up, a brand new creation depicting former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stroking out and being tossed like a 200lb bag of soggy quinoa into her Scooby Van, on 9-11-2016. This one should make anybody feel better.

macy's 2018

Michael Avenatti is one of the top five favorite cartoon characters in the country now. So there’s a new balloon with his likeness, created to honor the Holiday. It’s called “Make Me A Turkey Sandwich, Bitch!”


Psychiatrists Call This “Projection”


It’s A Crappy Life -Flashback From 2014

crap life

Jimmy Was Feeling Pretty Good As He Strode Through The Security Gate, Waving His Brand New Hard Pass And Grinning In Triumph. Then The Day Went Bad…


Stacey Abrams Claims Disqualification Of Key Dem Voting Bloc Was Done To Keep Her From Winning – Vows To Sue State Of Georgia To Resurrect Constituents’ Rights


The Flaw In The Democrats’ Plan To Steal The Election

Nobody checked until it was too late. The machine operator couldn’t read.