Joe Scarborough Implores His Viewers To Kill Fox News – So Far All 12 Have Declined

Story here.  He accuses Fox News of “inspiring people like this Pittsburgh mass murderer”. “They are spreading hatred across America,” said the TV Host “and I want someone out there to go shoot Fox News dead.” The former politician and panty salesman then publicly offered a hefty cash bonus to the successful assassin (who must return with the heart, as proof.)



    1. Liberal cucks will gladly surrender their jewels to a lockbox for a scintilla of attention every time.

  1. Great picture. Really brings out the essence of his “personality”. Here’s hoping the morning schmo and the daffy blonde see it.

  2. Joe’s fingers are actually deep in his butthole … really, really up there. (He discovered he could poke his own prostate, and that’s cheaper than the kind of sex he’s been paying for).

  3. Joe knows about killing young ladies in his office. Solicitation of the same comes naturally to him.

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