1. What is worse than a Big Red double FUPA attached to a shrieking retarded four-hundred pound pile of prog pig blubber? A herd of them. The Waddling Progzillas.

    1. We only smooth out the rough spots, shape and shine them up a little, just like we’ve done for all the big shots, celebrities and models. And you should be thanking us.

  2. Hey, Earl: Would love to see your take on the recently-announced Hillary and Bill Clinton Stadium Tour. Yes, they really want to see if they can outdraw Trump.

  3. To the “broad” (literally) on the left… I wouldn’t touch your uterus if I were doing an AUTOPSY on you! The one the right… your ASS is on the wrong side of your body! MAN, you’ve got to have a pretty good self-image to think ANYBODY with sight would consider you worthy of desire. You must walk past a Deaf and Blind school where they think the Richter Scale readings are a coincidence! YIKES and YIKES.

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