1. Hi Earl, I see you have started running adds from your site. I’ll start hitting them if they help you make money. J.C.

    1. FYI, Earl, one ad is beyond annoying: It appears n my phone only (not on the PC), commandeers the screen with some kind of banner promoting Amazon, and announces in a she-robot voice, “Congratulations.” The only way to NOT click on it and get my phone number snared in its web is to close your web page. Not good.

      1. They aren’t my ads, guys. Word Press runs those in return for the ‘free’ website. It’s my domain but they host it. I could pay more and get rid of the ads…considering that.

  2. I would like to be in the liquor-by-the-drink business tonight in UnAmerica. Just to luxuriate in the wailing, gnashing of teeth while soaking their shit-for-brains in cell killing alcohol. It’s not like they use them anyway.

  3. Start practicing with that rusty coat hanger in a greasy alley full of bums tonight. Get it right libtards, don’t bend the tip, sharpen it!

    Bring out ya dead! Bring out ya dead!

  4. Here I sit broken-hearted,
    Paid my dime and only farted!

    Yer probably older than 60 you can remember pay toilets!

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