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Barry’s Costume: Six Pinocchios


Happy Halloween!


Joe Scarborough Implores His Viewers To Kill Fox News – So Far All 12 Have Declined

Story here.  He accuses Fox News of “inspiring people like this Pittsburgh mass murderer”. “They are spreading hatred across America,” said the TV Host “and I want someone out there to go shoot Fox News dead.” The former politician and panty salesman then publicly offered a hefty cash bonus to the successful assassin (who must return with the heart, as proof.)


Caravan Of Militant Lefugees Arrives In DC – Heads For White House

The demonstration was mostly peaceful – there were attempts to kill, but no soldier in the Prog Militia could hit a thing. The President even stood closer to provide an easier target. He giggled the whole time. It was actually fun to watch, they were trying so hard. Close to sundown, they all were getting tired and so things wrapped up and everyone went home. The President allowed them to collect their cannonballs before they left. He even helped them – he found like 6 and tossed them all over to Chuck, who refused to even try to catch them. Of course Nancy had just lost 3 fingers on her first try, but still – that Chuck’s a real pussy.

blue wave

What Motivates Bernie Supporters? More Specifically, Which Drug?


Costume Envy Solution

beto thor

Early Halloween: Meet Medusa’a Sister From Another Mister

Click to enlarge – but don’t look directly into her eyes, just to be safe.

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Joe’s Got Delivered

He normally doesn’t smoke, but this was a gift so…


They’re Coming For The Candy

And if you’re wondering who sent them…



Beto Bandito?

Losing the Senate but keeping the millions in donations. Is he looking at 2020? Betobama-style?

stinking senate

Seasonal News


Update: It was just a dream. Dammit.

Your Skin Will Crawl Like Never Before

gropey joe