Willie Nelson To Headline Concert For Beto The Fake Mexican

In Austin. The Blue Hole of Texas. Lots of Californos living there now. It suits them. Beto the Fake Mexicano will mostly likely win Austin easily (they know he’s really a white guy named Robert O’Rourke and a full bore leftist democrite and they’re good with his facade that might get him votes from other bobos that think he’s Hispanic because of his nickname) but not much else. He will lose Texas.

Besa mi Culo, Beto!



  1. Willie stops 3 or 4 times per set to change his Depends. He thinks (!) Beto is running for Governor on the Free Weed Party ticket.

  2. Willie Nelson can go fuck himself. I wish he’d do everyone a favor and go down for the dirt nap. He’s a slimy piece of shit, who writes shitty songs. If I hear that “On The Road Again” garbage, I swear I’ll piss blood. Some “outlaw” he is, backing a faggoty-assed organic tea-drinking pussy like Beto O’Rourke. “Outlaw” apparently now means “Go ahead, it’s okay to take it in the ass.”

    1. He lives mostly in Hawaii now and smokes the most potent weed available-all day every day. The man has ZERO stress (other than the occasional incontinence) but still, he’s 85. If I had a dead pool, he’d be in it.

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