Laughing At Our Favorite President?

You worm-eating, banana leaf-wiping Shitholians…how dare you? The leader of the country generous enough to host and heavily fund your worthless, do-nothing, arrogant,  high dollar (mostly ours) bird’s nest on the ground takes the time to respectfully address your pathetic asses as equals – and you try to ridicule him with your estrogenic titters?

Take your weak ass shits and move your brain dead, Bureaucratic-Socialists ridden coven of anus sniffers to Somalia or wherever. Just get the fuck out of here.

You heard me.

Ingrates Laugh At Their Landlord


  1. Oh Trump will review the video of every delegation’s reaction to every point he made. And the scoffers, especially the sausage-eating Heinies are going to be choking on cheese-splattered Mohammed ham in the mouth hole and spit roasted on a Russian Iskander in the corn hole.

    Make sure you loosen your lederhosen at the Fulda Gap, mösen.

    We. Are. Outta there!

  2. Earl, next time you write something, try not to beat around the bush so much. Just get to the point, will ya?

  3. Nah……..instead of tripling the rent at the UN Building (which will never be paid), we just STOP paying “our fair share” to the UN. And/or collecting the fines, fees, and back interest on all the unpaid traffic tickets owed by all the UN delegates. As well as “booting” and towing all the UN delegate’s cars illegally parked, etc.

    1. Now that you’ve mentioned it, I wonder if the utilities (water, sewer & electricity) are being paid punctually. If not then there’s the place to start. “Active severance” as we call it in the business.

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