Sesame Street Clarifies Bert & Ernie’s Relationship

People who believe puppets can’t have sex just haven’t seen them naked…and aroused.

The image below should leave you more informed than you ever thought you deserved.

bande ungay


  1. So what’s next on the Taint computer screen: The deleted orgy scene from “The Muppet Movie”?

  2. Is that O’Bozo’s face on the cover of that Men’s Health magazine? Is that for real? Or did you photoshop that in? Either way, brilliant lampooning.

  3. Trust the moonbat Regressive Libtard Left to ruin a perfectly innocent childhood program. I (and my siblings) just used to enjoy Sesame Street for pre school education and entertainment. The barking moonbats make mud and dirt out of, literally, thin air. (sigh……..)

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