1. I’m not sure if that is Plugs own foot which frequently sticks in his mouth or the perv has some pre-pubescent neighbor kid he caught.

  2. I relish dehumanization by communists, even if they are brain-damaged used car salesman pederasts like Joe Biden.

    It signals fear.

  3. Jackass Joe, the totally bizzare combination of the Winnebago man and Karl Childers who can’t count past three, tells off-color dwarf jokes, gives dull parties, cheap presents, nothing to charity, waxes drunkenly about Villages commercials and randomly babbles about taking long walks on the beach with the love of his life only to find himself getting hauled off the K-Mart parking lot for dragging a stolen mannequin behind him! That man doesn’t just ride the Crazy Train every day, he drives the sumbitch!

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