1. This day two years ago she did the funky chicken into a meatwagon probably shitting all over the seats. And yet did not relieve us of her life.

    I still cannot forgive that oversight.

  2. I would love to see shrillary waddling toward the end zone to be tackled by a defender doing a 4.3 40. She’d look like a loser, and he’d look like a flea on the Hinden-hips.

    1. Players that fast don’t typically have the muscular kung fu required to counter the sheer mass of a fully locomotive Cankle Tank. Few humans do. She’d absorb him like a black hole.

      1. “Cankle Tank”, HAH!!!! And I see what you did there… keeping shrillary and magilla (black hole) in the comment together. Kudos, Earl, you put the “J” in Genius!

  3. Don’t see anybody taking a knee on the sidelines, Earl. Did Trump kick their sorry butts into a more respectful, upright position?

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