1. “I complained plenty about Fox News — but you never heard me threaten to shut them down, or call them enemies of the people. ”

    Uh huh. And barring Fox News from the press pool at the White House in ’09, less than a year after your election, was exactly what, Barry? Anita Dunn’s fault?

    I damn near broke my neck during the McCainapallossa, trying to get to the TV remote fast enough to mute it or shut it off every time something about that clusterfuck came on. And NOW, I gotta do the same thing because this POS doesn’t have the common decency that every other president before him had, and simply just shut the fuck up?

  2. One edit, Earl, and this would be perfect.
    Make the loincloth a little tighter, showing a hint of cameltoe.
    Otherwise, spot on.

  3. Considering the person depicted, I thought the name was going to be “Spartacunt”. Obviously, it taint what I was expectorating.

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