1. From Songbird to Moonbat – a natural progression. *sigh* Poor old Maverick McCain. Shot down, again. But, mercifully for us all, for the last time.

    Also, I must say, EARL, you are an exceptional artist. Truly. I wish I had such skills, and the really expensive software. Man! But, here in SoCal November, and December, and, well, every month there is really, things are a little different. Locally, there is no hope at all. Politically, Cali is so done. However, nationally, we get to enjoy and/or abhor every last bit of it all just like everyone else. So, here’s to a tubular November my fellow Americans!

    SURF’S UP!

  2. I believe, that President Donald Trump will finally dry the swamp and build the wall – and make America great again ! Sven from Australia.

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